Friends of Goethe School (FOGS) is a Logan Square and West Bucktown group of parents, friends, and neighbors working together to make Goethe Elementary a better school for everyone in Chicago 


Friends of Goethe School is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that sponsors several fundraising events each year and an annual appeal to supplement the public funds Goethe receives. Since 2010, FOGS has raised money towards the teacher reserve fund to keep class sizes small, provide musical instruments for the entire school, improve the Goethe gardens, covered design costs for the playground re-development and installed a new audio & lighting system in the gym. FOGS provided volunteers for Revolution Brewing's 2017 & 2018 Oktoberfest, contributes to Goethe's Holiday events, sponsors back to school picnics for Goethe families, open houses for prospective families and pays for additional products & services for the school.


Goethe elementary is a Level 1 + Chicago Public school.

Goethe serves Pre-K through 8th grade, and Middle School classes are departmentalized at 6,7 and 8th grades.


Please visit our ABOUT GOETHE page for more detailed information on our school!

At Goethe Elementary, we teach kids that everyone carries around an invisible “bucket.” We can fill each other’s buckets with kind acts, appreciation, and love. Or, we can dip into others’ buckets with insults and bullying. When we feel the love and support of our school community, we say, “my bucket is overflowing!” Goethe works as a team to guide the development of well-rounded productive citizens who value education, strive to do their best, honor their commitments, and meet responsibility. The Goethe community of bucket fillers aims to graduate readers, writers, critical thinkers and problem solvers that will make a positive impact wherever they go.

Parent involvement reaches beyond FOGS. Goethe has a long history of involved parents, community members and teachers who volunteer their time. Goethe has a bilingual and general parent advisory council along with the Local School Council. There are parent mentors who also assist in the classrooms. 


We invite you to lend a hand and get involved!

Email us with questions, or with your information for future volunteer opportunities!